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Practice Makes Perfect
By Michael Lipari
Posted on 2/21/2018 5:33 PM

 With the spring series and our first annual regatta coming up, we have a great racing education program for everyone.  As you may recall from previous discussions, there is a sailing pyramid that includes a focus on Sportsmanship, Boat Speed, Strategy and Tactics.  

For our practices, most of our time will be focused on boat speed.  We will work on drills that will help you sail faster both upwind and downwind.  I like to think of sailing similar to golf, it is not about who is faster, but who minimizes mistakes and cuts strokes (or time in sailing).  So we will work on mark roundings, setting up for upwind and downwind work, tacking, and starting.  All of these items will help you cut minutes from your race time.  And if you look at the scores, the diferrence between the top of the fleet and the middle of the fleet is usually less that a minute during a 1 hour race.  For this program, we are going to try to get all of the boats to come out and join us including the fleet leaders.  Rather than use onboard coaches, we will have the best boats out so you have someone to pace against.  So get your crew together and join us on Thursday Nights at 6:30.  If you are want to learn, but are not racing with someone, come out and see if anyone needs crew.  We will not be assigning boats, but I am sure someone will be looking to pick up crew for the series and regattas.


In addition we will  start the program with two class room sessions, one focused on Tactics and racing rules and the other focused on strategy and sportsmanship.  The first class room session will start on March 8th at 6:30 in the class room.  See you then.



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