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March is Sailing Education Month at GSC
By Michael Lipari
Posted on 2/20/2017 12:29 PM

March is Sailing Education Month at Grapevine Sailing Club.  Each Thursday Night during the month of March we have an education session for you and your crew.  We will have both hands on, on the water sessions as well as class room sessions.


March 2nd  is our second Race Committee Seminar.  If you are doing RC duty and want to get a 1st place for running races, this is a required class.


March 9th is our Advanced Racing Rules Seminar.  Our own Chris Rousseau  and Bob Gough, a USSailng National Judge will be hosting an interactive Rules Quiz based discussion.  We will include not only the basic rules, but include many advanced scenarios so everyone can learn


March 16th kicks off our Sailing With A Purpose and Advanced Race Practice session.  These sessions will be every Thursday Night through April 20th.


This 6 week program that will help everyone get tuned up and ready for Mayor’s Cup.  This year we will have coaches on each boat that can adjust to the boats skill level and performance so whether you are new to racing or trying to move up to 1st in your fleet, we will have a program for you. 


For the more advanced racers (those in the top half of their fleet or better), we will have our best racers (those winning their fleet) help coach you and your team.  Each week we will work with you and your existing team (if your whole team cannot come out, no problems – bring those that can and we will help fill in where needed).  We will work on everything from Mark Roundings, to Starts, Strategy and Tactics., as well as, downwind and upwind teamwork. 


For the more novice sailors that are just starting out racing or have been racing for a year or two, we will focus on many of the same items, but include some basic rules and starting classroom sessions to help you get up to speed and ready to come out and race.  Bring your own crew or use this as a session to build a crew.  If you already have your own crew bring them, but if you are crew looking to learn or  looking for a ride for the next series, join us and find the perfect boat for you.


There is no charge for our RC seminar or our Advanced Racing Rules Seminar.  The Sailing with a Purpose and Advanced Race Practice 6 week program does have a nominal fee ($25 per boat – includes you and all of your crew) or $10 for crew members that are looking to learn and be placed on a boat.


We hope to see everyone out and getting up to speed before Mayor’s Cup.  Come Join us to learn something new.

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