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2017 - Sailing Education
By Michael Lipari
Posted on 1/6/2017 1:50 PM
All - For the past two years, the club has placed a focus on sailing education.  Whether you have sailed for 30 years, like I have or just starting out, there is always something to learn.  This year John Martin has put together a great group of people to help drive our education and grow our sailing community.  For the year, we are dividing our sailing education into four areas.

The first is Cruising.  John Knight has put together an awesome program that will help cruisers get the most of of time on the water.  He will kick the year off with a "Charter Boat Class" geared towards helping members that have not chartered understand chartering opportunities, requirements and places to explore.  If you have chartered in the BVIs, don't worry - this class will have something for you with information about chartering around the world from Greece to Tahiti.  This event will be followed up with programs on buying your fist, or second boat, a series of raft ups with an educational twist, a class on splicing lines and making your boat look like a pro owns it.  It is a great program that will help anyone learn more.

The second program is our racing program.  In working with the junior sailors, it is easy to see the impact of practicing your racing skills.  Whether you are towards the front of the fleet or just learning to race, we have something for you.  We have found that by pairing racers, or new racers with a coach that is leading their fleet, that we can up the game for all of the boats on the water.  We will have classes taught by some of the best sailors in the Metroplex (Rod Favela, not me) and our fleet champions.  We will have a mix of on water events and class room sessions.  John even has a cool electronic gadget to help you improve your speed on the water.

Our third area of focus is on Safety and running great races on the water. Chris Nelson along with John Knight will put together an new and improved program to kick our race committee into high gear and improve overall safety.  The safety program has already started out this year with a free CPR class for any member that wanted to attend.  Our Junior Dad, James Gordon has agreed to run an additional class for club members in the spring time.  In addition we have our RC seminar (new improved and updated) which is required in order to get a 1st place for doing Race Committee and other safety programs including how to use the life sling.

The fourth is our learn to sail program.  We have two great options to learn how to sail, plus a loaner boat program to help new sailors grow their skills.  The first program is our Sailing Seminar - each year we have over 60 new students learn to sail - usually for the first time.  Many of these new students become lifetime sailors and the lifeblood of our club.  Look for our sailing seminar in June.  The second is our Junior Sailing Camps, where we have 75 kids all participating in 2 weeks of sailing, learning and having fun.

I want to thank Jim Shamp, John Martin, John Knight, Chris Nelson, Chris Rousseau, Julie Jacob and the Bagford duo for all of their help. 
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