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Becoming a Member of Grapevine Sailing Club

Grapevine Sailing Club welcomes all experienced and non-experienced sailors to our club on Grapevine Lake. With our location in the heart of DFW, one of the nations top employment areas, GSC welcomes many transient employees/sailors from around the world looking for a sailing community to call home for however long they will be here.
If you are seeking a sailing community for friendships, competitive challenges, develop sailing skills, or for any other purpose, Grapevine Sailing Club can probably meet your expectations. Skipper your boat, help crew on another members boat, or participate in our club boat program called SailAway.
Types of Membership
  • Family Membership - Includes two or more people of legal age and any dependent minors that make up a family unit (spouses/significant others) or a single person with dependent minors together will qualify as a Family.
  • Single Membership - Any person of legal age or a minor with a parent's or legal guardian's or signature shall qualify as a Single member.
  • Student Member - Any person 19 to 25 years old who is enrolled as a full-time student at an institution of higher learning shall be eligible for a Student membership, along with any person younger than 19 years of age with a signature from a parent or legal guardian. Students will be exempt from initiation fees and shall pay 1/4 of the yearly Single Membership Dues. This is a non-voting membership and they cannot hold office with the exception of the elected Junior Board Member.
  • Newsletter-only Membership - This is available to business partners of the Club and those individuals who want to keep up on Club events but not participate.
Annual Membership Fees:
Family Membership - $130/year
Single Membership - $100/year
Student Membership - $25/year
*An initiation fee of $30 is assessed for new memberships and expired renewals.
Upcoming Events
Upcoming GSC Events