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GSC Night Sail
Ahoy GSC Sailors!

We are having an Fun Sail this Saturday the 25th of September!  The sail will begin at the Glass Cactus starting at 7pm.  The night sail should take a couple of hours, and we will all meet at Rockin' S at the Twin Coves Marina afterwards.  All boats that want to spend the night can dock in the docks in front of the restaurant, and we can make additional arrangements if we have too many boats to fit there, so please join us.  It will be up to the individual captains to provide their overnight guests with breakfast on Sunday morning.  We will sail out of Rockin' S after breakfast, starting at 10am and follow the course below in reverse, back to Scott's Landing where we can all head over to Big Daddy's and have some lunch at about noon.

There will be no formal start, this is a FUN SAIL, but we request that all boats that would like to run the course start there no earlier than 7pm since sunset will be at about 7:20pm.  We will have lighted buoys which are labeled on the Long Distance mark Positions map which can be downloaded here:

GSC Long Distance Mark Positions

This is the course to follow on the map:

          A - G - BB - FF - EE - Rockin' S

The marker at A will not be lit, since it is right in front of the Glass Cactus.  The remaining 4 buoys will be lit with red and white lights.  They will not be lit for the morning sail back to Scott's Landing at 10am.

If you happen to run Navionics, here's a link to the approximate course (the marks are not precise): Navionics Night Sail Course

We have made arrangements with Rockin S so we can all meet at the bar in the back with inside and outside seating.  The course above will take approximately 2 hours to complete at 4 knots.  If the wind is light, peeling off at FF and heading to Rocking S so you arrive by 9 or 9:30pm is completely OK, especially if you want to order some food.  The kitchen will continue serving until 10pm, and they are keeping the bar open for us to stay late. 

For those GSC Members who have done the old Transgrape Overnight this is a revival of that event!  It has always been great fun, and I sincerely hope to see lots of boats join us for this!  The overnight portion is optional, even sailing the course is optional, if you can't do them, join us as we arrive at Rockin' S at 9:30pm for some fun, and feel free to join us on Sunday at Big Daddy's at around noon.

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September 17th, 18th, and 19th
Benefiting the Grapevine Fire Department


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Schedule of Events

Friday, September 17th, 2021

1630–2000 - Late Registration at the Clubhouse plus launch assistance and boat slip assignments
1630–2000 - Happy Hour, refreshments provided

Saturday, September 18th, 2021
0730 - Complimentary Breakfast
0800 - Registration Closes
0930 - Skipper’s Meeting
1100 - First warning signal for race 1. (Additional races to follow)
Lunch on the water; (lunch is not provided, be sure to bring your own)
1730 - Refreshments, Silent, and Live Auction
1800 - Dinner, and your favorite refreshments
2000 - Silent Auction Closes

Sunday, September 19th 2021
0730 - Complimentary Breakfast
1000 - First warning signal Additional races may follow. There are five races scheduled for the regatta
1300 - No start warning signal will be made after 1300 on Sunday.
Following Racing: Refreshments, lunch, and trophy presentation will be on Sunday as soon as possible after racing.


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